Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Bye Sunday, I am sad to see you go

I finished the Rag Rug yesterday while enjoying the afternoon with my Grandson.

Who could ask for more? Sunshiny beautiful day, my daughter's Hot Tub! and knitting! Lunch with Noah, and a walk with the dog....and Noah's skate boarding tricks.

It's every other Saturday that I have off (so it was that I could spend the day with my Grandson). But I am guaranteed Sunday off and I cherish the day. It's a wonderful time to reflect on the past week; what should be repeated/remembered, what should be corrected/forgotten! It's a day to get myself lined back up with God's plan, his purpose. Even if I don't understand it, I can get quiet and put my trust back into his hands.

Knitting and sewing are two ways that help me sort and complete thought processes, those activities are a big, invited part of my Sunday. They are progressive activities and so help me to keep moving in a forward direction.

Sunday afternoon I take a little break and leave the house, either to visit someone or discover I made a visit to the local yarn shop- The Knaughty Knitter. That visit was with someone and a discovery, as they helped me plan my next project.

I hope your Sunday was delightful! and has helped you to prepare for the week ahead.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time goes by so quickly, there just isn't enough time to try all my ideas. I have kept an idea journal, lists, prioritized. I get projects started and end up with too many things going on at the same time, the result is an unfinished project in every room! So, I set time for myself; two hours on this one, half hour before work on that one...maybe 1 hour if I get ready quick enough...augh.

I believe (and I have had a lot of years to think it over) this is how it is. If you are a creative person with ideas, you can't stop the ideas, you can't stop the creativity; it's a part of who you are! Period! For me, I have to discipline, focus and persevere. I do write things down and (sometimes it's a real push) finish my projects. I will ALWAYS have to discipline myself. I will probably NOT get to the point when I am not overcome by a beautiful, interesting or/and fun piece of fabric I must have.  Nor will I ever not be overcome by beautifully spun yarns and art fibers...that I must have. I don't ever want to "get over it" or find myself at a place where I don't want to own "that" beautiful fiber!

I have had to embrace this about myself; that (for me) life exists in texture, color and patterns. Being involved with these things are what make me a live. It's all very miraculous, geometrical and where I see God.

Hey, if you feel this way too give me a high five on your screen, give me a big smile and say Amen!
Now let's take a look of my latest "must try". LARGE needle knitting (I meant it that way). It's not a brand new idea, I have stumbled upon people who have made some interesting things with these huge needles.

I found a project on Ravelry that takes a US19 knitting needle! They are difficult to find and I wanted them now ; D  So I bought a 15mm (about a 5/8 inch) dowel rod, cut it in half and started whittling.
It didn't take me as long as I thought it would either. Below you see them next to my sock needles, isn't that a hoot?I just used unfinished wood pieces from Hobby Lobby to glue to the ends. Then I started with an old sheet and stripped it to 2inch strips, sewed the strips end to end by machine (just a quick couple stitches to hold them together).

I finished my needles off with a palm sander, I held it in my left hand and worked on the needle points to make them a little longer. I finished the other end and rubbed them down with a paste wax...and there ya go! This knitted project will be a bath mat.

I hope you like my project and it encourages you to go on and try your ideas...just as I have learned to do from so many other creative people!