Friday, November 30, 2012

The Christmas Sweater

The Garnstudio yarn I purchased for Stephen's sweeter is out of the basket and moving into the sweeter! I am working on the shoulders now. This is what we are going for-a Prada sweater Stephen found and asked me if I could make. You can see my measurements and my coffee mug ring-proof of the seriousness of this endeavour!

 I used the Vintage Boye circular needles I bought on Etsy too. The set was complete and just what I needed.

The sweater pattern I am using is from Garnstudios. It is worked on a circular needle in three pieces (two sleeves and the body) up to the underarm. Then the three pieces are joined on one needle and the raglan shoulder is formed...No Seams, I love that!  My plan is to finish this sweater this Weekend, of course I will still need to block it. I will blindfold Stephen and post a picture of the finished sweater ; )

Then SUNDAY I will be working on re quilting a truly loved comforter of my Grandson Adam's (he is in his 20's) The comforter is Woody and Buzz and they will become a quilt...tears repaired and patched but not removed, because they hold memories. I will share some pictures of that case you may want to preserve a much loved blankie someday.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rolling Into the Holidays!

Ok! Here we are in the middle of October, let me say it again...where has the time gone? 

I have been busy making a few things to list in my etsy shop for the Holidays, while things at work are picking up too! Oh Pintrest ! We love it don't we? Customers come in all the time with projects from Halloween costumes to Christmas seen on Pintrest. It's an exciting time of preparation and celebration.

Just in our own family we have 4 Birthdays, one (of which) is on Halloween! Then we roll into Thanksgiving and another Birthday then Christmas. It can be difficult to manage time and yet, (to get everything done) it's a must. I found an article about just this subject of time management at StitchLinks I am hoping to stay calm, make my time count and get everything done =O we will see!

I hope you enjoy the journey through the Holiday Season, however you celebrate it! Share laughs with friends and family. Give hugs, share sorrows and celebrations and be blessed. ; )

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Bye Sunday, I am sad to see you go

I finished the Rag Rug yesterday while enjoying the afternoon with my Grandson.

Who could ask for more? Sunshiny beautiful day, my daughter's Hot Tub! and knitting! Lunch with Noah, and a walk with the dog....and Noah's skate boarding tricks.

It's every other Saturday that I have off (so it was that I could spend the day with my Grandson). But I am guaranteed Sunday off and I cherish the day. It's a wonderful time to reflect on the past week; what should be repeated/remembered, what should be corrected/forgotten! It's a day to get myself lined back up with God's plan, his purpose. Even if I don't understand it, I can get quiet and put my trust back into his hands.

Knitting and sewing are two ways that help me sort and complete thought processes, those activities are a big, invited part of my Sunday. They are progressive activities and so help me to keep moving in a forward direction.

Sunday afternoon I take a little break and leave the house, either to visit someone or discover I made a visit to the local yarn shop- The Knaughty Knitter. That visit was with someone and a discovery, as they helped me plan my next project.

I hope your Sunday was delightful! and has helped you to prepare for the week ahead.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time goes by so quickly, there just isn't enough time to try all my ideas. I have kept an idea journal, lists, prioritized. I get projects started and end up with too many things going on at the same time, the result is an unfinished project in every room! So, I set time for myself; two hours on this one, half hour before work on that one...maybe 1 hour if I get ready quick enough...augh.

I believe (and I have had a lot of years to think it over) this is how it is. If you are a creative person with ideas, you can't stop the ideas, you can't stop the creativity; it's a part of who you are! Period! For me, I have to discipline, focus and persevere. I do write things down and (sometimes it's a real push) finish my projects. I will ALWAYS have to discipline myself. I will probably NOT get to the point when I am not overcome by a beautiful, interesting or/and fun piece of fabric I must have.  Nor will I ever not be overcome by beautifully spun yarns and art fibers...that I must have. I don't ever want to "get over it" or find myself at a place where I don't want to own "that" beautiful fiber!

I have had to embrace this about myself; that (for me) life exists in texture, color and patterns. Being involved with these things are what make me a live. It's all very miraculous, geometrical and where I see God.

Hey, if you feel this way too give me a high five on your screen, give me a big smile and say Amen!
Now let's take a look of my latest "must try". LARGE needle knitting (I meant it that way). It's not a brand new idea, I have stumbled upon people who have made some interesting things with these huge needles.

I found a project on Ravelry that takes a US19 knitting needle! They are difficult to find and I wanted them now ; D  So I bought a 15mm (about a 5/8 inch) dowel rod, cut it in half and started whittling.
It didn't take me as long as I thought it would either. Below you see them next to my sock needles, isn't that a hoot?I just used unfinished wood pieces from Hobby Lobby to glue to the ends. Then I started with an old sheet and stripped it to 2inch strips, sewed the strips end to end by machine (just a quick couple stitches to hold them together).

I finished my needles off with a palm sander, I held it in my left hand and worked on the needle points to make them a little longer. I finished the other end and rubbed them down with a paste wax...and there ya go! This knitted project will be a bath mat.

I hope you like my project and it encourages you to go on and try your ideas...just as I have learned to do from so many other creative people!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can feel fall in the air and I love this time of year! Hear, in Middle Tennessee the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining! I have the windows open (something I would NOT of considered just 2 weeks ago!).

I have to apologize for my previous blog; I mentioned that I was copying the directions for the felted bag.... :-/ Well, this yarn is taking on a personality of it's own and is going to be different from the first.

However, there are a lot of free patterns out there and you could find one to suit your tastes.
This following link is from Ravelry and there are lots of patterns there! bag pattern

I will make note of my variations, how I accomplished them and will share with you any short cuts or products, etc. that I find useful.

Please share with me your projects and ideas. I will be glad to post them!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I have been using my felted bag and like it a lot so I am making another one as a Christmas present. This time I am writing in detail how it is made so that I can put the pattern out here to share. I may make some changes to the handles and it's closure.

This bag (the project in the making) is made using Cascade 128 Tweed Wool and Cascade 128 Chunky. The colors are more brilliant than my picture shows them to be, these color choices were inspired by my Inspiration board at Pinterest:  nancyk4u/inspiration 
sunset    Sunset

Gods creation is fantastic inspiration to me! Light and reflections; such a beautiful science combined with the ultimate creativity that produces endless color. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I try to find an adventure and purpose to everyday things, when I embark on a project I become connected to it: So this fabric I found on a hunt for something special. 

I read the salvage on fabric to see where it came from, designer's name, dates, etc. sometimes you can find interesting information on a salvage. This fabric happened to be printed in Italy. It's feel and design was just appealing to me.

I was fascinated at the thought that probably the fabric was woven in China, it traveled to Italy where it was printed and then came to the United States (and who knows where else!). Then made into decorator pillows, of which one was sent to Australia to be used as a back cushion for a Harpist!

This little pillow has traveled all the way to Neutral Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is so exciting to me because in tracing ancestry I have learned that my Great Grandmother came to the US from Wales, where exactly in Wales I have not found out yet.

The new owner of this pillow was gracious enough to contact me when the pillow arrived. At the end of the email was her website address (you can click on the web address and visit if you would like) and a little note that just made my day!
"When I play my harp at garden weddings I will take your little bird cushion to put behind my back ... it will be sweet." I enjoy harp music, it is soothing and I find it brings me to a worshipful place so in reading that she is a Harpist really made me happy.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here is the bag finished, before felting. It measures 21 inches wide and 17.5 inches long. My stitches are a little loose so I am wondering if it will shrink more than 30%.

I've made the straps so that they will connect with two of my buttons. I am wondering how it's going to turn out.

I made note of my stitches and rows in my Idea Journal so that if I am happy with the results the bag can be made again without depending too much on my memory =/

Yay, I am happy with the results. The bag now measures 13.5 inches wide (14 inches would be 1/3 shrinkage) and 11 inches long (high)(11.66 would be 1/3 shrinkage). It has turned into a nice sturdy fabric. Next I am going to shape it a little with my hands and stuff it with a bath towel and let it dry. I can't wait to get the buttons on it.

After it dries I am thinking of taking some roving and needle felting some embellishment to it, what do you think?

It will also be lined, the lining will be fun to shop for ; ) (I love fabric).

 Thanks for reading! Come back again and enjoy the Summer Olympics in London!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Decorator pillow, Blue Bird, Paris, Stamp Motif, Linen weave Cotton A beautiful treasury by Mary-Ellen O'Neal of the etsy shop -
Thank you Mary-Ellen for including my little pillow in your treasury!

Happy Friday!

It is my week to have Friday off, so while out running errands I paid a visit to our local yarn shop.

They have moved to an new location. They are now at 202B N Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro. The new shop was a delight to browse! Stop by and pay them a visit.

While shopping the KnaughtyKnitter I found some wonderful Tagua Nut buttons to add to the bag I am making. I will add them after the bag is felted and they will not look so small. That is something to think about when you are going to felt a project; any embellishment you add will be bigger on the finished project.  The bag I am crocheting is getting pretty big. I will make the last teal band a couple rows wider and then shape the handles right to it, after felting they will become quite sturdy. I am getting excited being so close to finishing!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oooo, my tired achy feet...

My latest treasury on etsy.
All I want is world peace and a pedicure 8x10 canvas personalization at no extra cost

I have been working on my crocheted bag to felt, however I am not finished with it : /
Now that is not really due to my tired feet, it has more to do with the fact that Saturday I picked up my friend Clare and we went on a little excursion down to Fayetteville TN, to Sir's fabric. Clare has blogged about our trip, you can read it here:
Middle Tennessee Crafter's Blog.

We had a great day (even in the rainy weather). It was nice to take a break from the routine of things and share some laughs.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An 'Ahhhh' Moment After Work

Nice after work to fix a cup of tea and settle in with some needle work.

Hear I am crocheting with a single ply yarn for felting. This will be a bag, the colors are Teal, Turquoise, Plum and Magenta.

Crochet is quick, the repetitive single stitch is a good way for me to unwind my thinking and sort out my thoughts, I find it relaxing; I become aware that my shoulders are tense, so I drop my shoulders, feel the muscles in my neck stretch and relax....drink my tea....all is good.

I like felting projects. The knitted/crocheted item will draw up (shrink) about 1/3 of it's size; meaning that the finished project will be about one third smaller than it was before felting. Also I find that using a needle about 1 or 2 sizes bigger than the recommended size for the yarn gives a nice evenly felted 'fabric'. For instance the yarn I am using calls for a K 6.5mm crochet hook, I am using an L 8mm hook. Knitting recommended needle size is US9, I like to use a US11.

I will show more pictures of my progress over the weekend. I hope you will feel adventurous and try some felting too...if you haven't already!

Meanwhile here are a couple other felted baskets that I made.

Have a Great Weekend. Thanks for stopping by.
Nancy K

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ok. I've added a page where you can find links to other places you can visit me on the internet. I plan to add links to my favorite sites and when I post a tutorial or instructional for a project you will find links on that page for the products I use and places I've made my purchases (to help you find what you need). Also-if you have a link that you like and would pertain to the content of my blog send it to me, I will post it with your name and reason for recommending it to us.

Thanks again for visiting, Good Night!

In the biginning

I admire people with creative blogs and I'm amazed at the endless ideas from person to person; we are so individual, so unique in ourselves. Even the same project can be accomplished in so many ways, each result having it's own personality~your personality.

 I love the magazine Artful Blogging, I just wonder at the lovely photography, at the creative descriptions and stories that draw me into the picture or so inspire me to try something I've never done before.

I've always told myself I was going to start blogging and share with others my own experiences, passions and discoveries. So here it is. After meeting and 'visiting' many artistic wonderful artists through Etsy and Facebook I just have to invite you into my little space.

Thank you for visiting here today. I am off now to collect some of my photos and projects to share.....