Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time goes by so quickly, there just isn't enough time to try all my ideas. I have kept an idea journal, lists, prioritized. I get projects started and end up with too many things going on at the same time, the result is an unfinished project in every room! So, I set time for myself; two hours on this one, half hour before work on that one...maybe 1 hour if I get ready quick enough...augh.

I believe (and I have had a lot of years to think it over) this is how it is. If you are a creative person with ideas, you can't stop the ideas, you can't stop the creativity; it's a part of who you are! Period! For me, I have to discipline, focus and persevere. I do write things down and (sometimes it's a real push) finish my projects. I will ALWAYS have to discipline myself. I will probably NOT get to the point when I am not overcome by a beautiful, interesting or/and fun piece of fabric I must have.  Nor will I ever not be overcome by beautifully spun yarns and art fibers...that I must have. I don't ever want to "get over it" or find myself at a place where I don't want to own "that" beautiful fiber!

I have had to embrace this about myself; that (for me) life exists in texture, color and patterns. Being involved with these things are what make me a live. It's all very miraculous, geometrical and where I see God.

Hey, if you feel this way too give me a high five on your screen, give me a big smile and say Amen!
Now let's take a look of my latest "must try". LARGE needle knitting (I meant it that way). It's not a brand new idea, I have stumbled upon people who have made some interesting things with these huge needles.

I found a project on Ravelry that takes a US19 knitting needle! They are difficult to find and I wanted them now ; D  So I bought a 15mm (about a 5/8 inch) dowel rod, cut it in half and started whittling.
It didn't take me as long as I thought it would either. Below you see them next to my sock needles, isn't that a hoot?I just used unfinished wood pieces from Hobby Lobby to glue to the ends. Then I started with an old sheet and stripped it to 2inch strips, sewed the strips end to end by machine (just a quick couple stitches to hold them together).

I finished my needles off with a palm sander, I held it in my left hand and worked on the needle points to make them a little longer. I finished the other end and rubbed them down with a paste wax...and there ya go! This knitted project will be a bath mat.

I hope you like my project and it encourages you to go on and try your ideas...just as I have learned to do from so many other creative people!

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