Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Quilt Project

My friend Lisa sent me this quilt to finish. It's one of those projects so many of us have! Started when the kids were little, but raising children was just took priority over finishing the project. Working on these must do projects in the wee hours of the night takes a tole on the time we spend with the kiddos during the day...well Lisa has been one dedicated wife and mom! I I am happy she asked me to help her out with this special project.

 I love all the color! The quilt is for her son Devin so the theme is sports and very whimsical. It will be fun working on this and (ha) I'm glad it is whimsical because my quilting skills are kind of....a, whimsical :}

I'm going to use a cotton batting and a twin cotton sateen sheet with a 400 thread count, this will make the quilt seamless and the only joins I need to be concerned with are in the top itself.

Yesterday I had the afternoon to work on this sports whimsy quilt and it went well. There was enough backing fabric for a self binding.

I worked the center squares first and then used a free-hand design on the border blocks. When the quilting was finished the quilt batting was trimmed. For the binding I didn't want to cover too much of the polka dot border so the backing was trimmed to one inch to make a half inch binding.

And the finished quilt! front and back. Tomorrow morning I'll give it my final inspection, box it up and it will be on it's way back to Lisa.

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Happy Crafting, I'll see you next time.

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