Monday, July 20, 2015

Here we are in the middle of summer! I have enjoyed time with my family and have had the opportunity to meet new friends.

I have been taking an Art Journal class with the wonderful local artist Dawna Kinne Magliacano 

Here are some of my Journal pages:
When I started the classes I thought it would be nice to make it a memory journal of my Mother; we are so much a like and there's not a day goes by I don't think of her at some point.

Bobby Darin and the fashions were from her prime...she lived on Lake Michigan (Chicago). I was surprised how this page evolved.

 By the next week I realized what my Mother, Bernice would want me to do is enjoy being creative/artistic and move forward with it, knowing she was right there with me in spirit.

So my next page was a good-bye to the past so (we) could move on in adventure and discovery.

   The little picture is my Aunt Lois, Grandmother (Bernice) and Mother, also named Bernice. They were standing in front of the Lincoln Park Zoo the (used to be) in Chicago Illinois, her home town. The phrase at the bottom was written on the back of the picture, it reads "Remember our Easter Outfits"...because they made them! Besides being a creative/artist these three women were incredible life instructors.

Here are three more pages to follow this Art journaling adventure:


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