Friday, November 30, 2012

The Christmas Sweater

The Garnstudio yarn I purchased for Stephen's sweeter is out of the basket and moving into the sweeter! I am working on the shoulders now. This is what we are going for-a Prada sweater Stephen found and asked me if I could make. You can see my measurements and my coffee mug ring-proof of the seriousness of this endeavour!

 I used the Vintage Boye circular needles I bought on Etsy too. The set was complete and just what I needed.

The sweater pattern I am using is from Garnstudios. It is worked on a circular needle in three pieces (two sleeves and the body) up to the underarm. Then the three pieces are joined on one needle and the raglan shoulder is formed...No Seams, I love that!  My plan is to finish this sweater this Weekend, of course I will still need to block it. I will blindfold Stephen and post a picture of the finished sweater ; )

Then SUNDAY I will be working on re quilting a truly loved comforter of my Grandson Adam's (he is in his 20's) The comforter is Woody and Buzz and they will become a quilt...tears repaired and patched but not removed, because they hold memories. I will share some pictures of that case you may want to preserve a much loved blankie someday.

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