Friday, March 8, 2013

I did finish that Christmas Sweater, also learned a lot! I haven't knitted a sweater for many years and forgot the things that could happen in the process; like you might have to rip out a couple rows because you miss an important couple of decreases, The sweater could shrink while blocking...if you don't block properly. The sleeves may be a little too short, etc...Aand, Vintage aluminum knitting needles are used, the cables are plastic and they have been in the case for so long...they just didn't co-operate. Also, for Tennessee a Wool/Alpaca sweater in a bulky yarn is quite warm.

That is all the negative.

The good part is my son loves the sweater and that I made it for him, he is anticipating his next one. I discovered how very much I liked knitting sweaters, which out weighs the negative parts! I shopped knitting needles, tried some different ones out and have decided on a brand that suits me well; they handle nicely and I can glide right through row after row without dropping, twisting or stretching stitches. They are nickle and the cables behave as you need them too! I still admire the Vintage needle set as the needles remind me of the hands that lovingly knitted with them, I can tell what size was used most and I am reminded of the women I learned to knit from as a girl.

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