Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Saturday! Now it's play day with my finds

Here is the progress on my Ruched Tee! Once I got past the Shoulders the knitting got a lot easier.

Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunshiny day I decided to go for a drive and hunt down some fun crafting components. Of course this involved fabric, that's just a staple in my crafting/sewing room. I was on a bit of a hunt for 'stands' for dress form pincushions.....
I found these brass candlesticks at the Goodwill Store, they will work pretty good for stands and a sun-catching marble at the top would be pretty! The white votive holder will be a cute base for a pincushion too.
And the marbles? I just love them! I found these at the Magnolia House Antiques in Fayetteville, TN. The story is that there was a long established Hardware Store that finally (after years) closed their doors. The owner of Magnolia House offered to buy the hardware store that inventory were tons of marbles!! SOo many that the owner of MGHouse had to reinforce the floor in his building to hold all these fabulous marbles!

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