Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I try to find an adventure and purpose to everyday things, when I embark on a project I become connected to it: So this fabric I found on a hunt for something special. 

I read the salvage on fabric to see where it came from, designer's name, dates, etc. sometimes you can find interesting information on a salvage. This fabric happened to be printed in Italy. It's feel and design was just appealing to me.

I was fascinated at the thought that probably the fabric was woven in China, it traveled to Italy where it was printed and then came to the United States (and who knows where else!). Then made into decorator pillows, of which one was sent to Australia to be used as a back cushion for a Harpist!

This little pillow has traveled all the way to Neutral Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is so exciting to me because in tracing ancestry I have learned that my Great Grandmother came to the US from Wales, where exactly in Wales I have not found out yet.

The new owner of this pillow was gracious enough to contact me when the pillow arrived. At the end of the email was her website address (you can click on the web address and visit if you would like) and a little note that just made my day! www.harpmusic.com.au
"When I play my harp at garden weddings I will take your little bird cushion to put behind my back ... it will be sweet." I enjoy harp music, it is soothing and I find it brings me to a worshipful place so in reading that she is a Harpist really made me happy.

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