Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the biginning

I admire people with creative blogs and I'm amazed at the endless ideas from person to person; we are so individual, so unique in ourselves. Even the same project can be accomplished in so many ways, each result having it's own personality~your personality.

 I love the magazine Artful Blogging, I just wonder at the lovely photography, at the creative descriptions and stories that draw me into the picture or so inspire me to try something I've never done before.

I've always told myself I was going to start blogging and share with others my own experiences, passions and discoveries. So here it is. After meeting and 'visiting' many artistic wonderful artists through Etsy and Facebook I just have to invite you into my little space.

Thank you for visiting here today. I am off now to collect some of my photos and projects to share.....

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